Computer Care Tips

1. Defrag your hard drive regularly. Defrag function is to organize and sort your files by type of hard drive files / data in such a way that will facilitate the read / write so that the workload will be lighter could ultimately extend the life of the hard disk. I click the Start menu> Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Defragmenter When running this function should not be any other programs running including screen because it would disrupt the function of this defrag. 
2. In addition to aesthetic Activate screensaver, the screensaver has another piece of important functions. CRT monitors also use phosphors to display television images. If the monitor displays the same image for a while then there is phosphorus that burns continuously. This can lead to problematic monitor the image becomes dim / less clear. Another case if your monitor is LCD, LED fully equipped with energy saving, the screen saver is not needed lagi.Cara activate the screensaver can be done in many ways, one click Start> Control Panel> Display> Screensaver tab, then select according to taste you.